December 21, 2023

Nightlife in Holbox: 10 Beach Bars and Clubs to Enjoy the Island

Orlando Osorio
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Holbox is an island that has a lot to offer to its visitors during the day and also at night. Read on to find out what nightlife is like in Holbox and where you can go to enjoy this paradise island in the Mexican Caribbean.

This paradise is a small island located in Quintana Roo, Mexico, on the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It can be accessed via ferry from the Chiquila port, which is easy to reach from Playa del Carmen or Cancun, or you can even access it directly by private plane from the Cancun Airport.

What is Holbox Nightlife like?

The nightlife scene in Holbox is much more laid-back than in other parts of Mexico, such as Cancun or Tulum. You may not find any raves or big club parties, but you can still have a great time at night by listening to live music at beach bars or beach clubs or going to restaurants and enjoying the local cuisine.

Another way to make the most out of the night in Holbox is to witness the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence, caused by glowing plankton in certain months of the year, which can be admired from white sand of Punta Cocos or Punta Mosquito Beach. You can walk to these beaches at night or you can take a golf cart or taxi to get there faster.

There are also plenty of activities you can enjoy during the day, such as, snorkeling with whale sharks, spotting flamingos at the beach, admiring the street art murals, kayaking in Cenote Yalahau, exploring the mangroves near the entrance of the Yum Balam Reserve, kitesurfing, going on island tours of nearby islands, such as Isla Pajaros or Isla Mujeres, and relaxing in a hammock at the beach.

10 Places To Visit At Night in Holbox Island

Whether you are backpacking through the Riviera Maya and only doing a day trip to get to know the island or looking to stay for several days, there is no shortage of activities to do or places to discover when night time comes around. Some of these places are:

Hot Corner

At Hot Corner, you can find some of the liveliest nightlife scenes in Holbox. Plenty of travelers choose this bar as their night destination, since it usually has great prices on beers, margaritas and mezcal cocktails. You can also eat some snacks, such as seafood dishes and nachos, as you dance the night away with tourists and locals alike.

Hot Corner Nightlife Holbox

La Palapa

La Palapa is one of the most famous beach bars you can find in Holbox Island. There you can enjoy your cocktails under the palm roof with a wonderful view of the sea waves. Don’t forget to order the house special, a mezcal cocktail called El Nopal, when you visit. 

La Palapa Holbox Nightlife

Cinema Paradiso at Hotel Ser Casasandra 

If going out late at night to drink, eat and dance is not your style, you can always look forward to Friday nights at Hotel Ser Casasandra where you can watch a movie under the stars in their Cinema Paradiso.

Cinema Paradiso Nightlife Holbox


Salma is a sandbar where you can dance to electronic music. You can get some Ibiza vibes from this bar’s atmosphere. You can sit in the swing seats found in the guest lounge while you enjoy some of the great cocktails this bar has to offer.


Tribu Hostel

Tribu is one of the greatest party bars you can visit in Holbox Island. There you can find cheap drinks and a myriad of activities, such as dance classes and live music. Tribu is one of the last places on the island to close at night, so you’ll be able to continue the party here if you were caught up by closing time in another bar.



AMA is a chic restaurant where you can see plenty of art decorating the walls, and admire the calm beach waves while you enjoy some of their famous cocktails and ceviche.


Street Tacos at Calle Tiburon Ballena

You can find plenty of food trucks and taco carts all over Calle Tiburon Ballena, close to the island’s main square. You can taste delicious tacos for less than one US dollar and large burritos for under US$4.00. After you finish eating, you can also try some local street desserts to get a full meal out of this unique experience. 


Noche Cubana (Cuban Night) at Hotel Ser Casasandra

On Saturday night, Hotel Ser Casasandra usually organizes a two-and-a-half-hour Havana Night event that includes live Cuban music, traditional mojitos, and a menu of traditional Cuban food. This is a unique and fun experience you can’t miss when visiting the island.



Luuma is a beachfront bar located at Casa Las Tortugas. It offers a wide variety of cocktails, craft beers and martinis, and some of the best tapas in the whole island. They even have some vegan-friendly options in their menu! It’s very close to the city center, so it’s easy to find.

luuma Nighlife-Holbox
Imagen: Paulina Arcklin

Explore the Foodie Market

The Holbox Foodie Market is a gastronomic proposal where you can find five restaurants, an eating area and a bar. The mastermind behind this Foodie Market is chef Gerardo Hernandez, who wanted to create an ideal place for you to spend some time with your partner, friends or family.

There you can find shellfish tacos at Barba Negra; the best burgers, hot dogs and lobster pizzas in all Holbox at Papa Bear Burger; chicken wings and pork ribs at Pin Up Wings; Japanese cuisine at Saro Sushi, and homemade pasta at Lulu’s. There’s something for everyone. It’s a great place for those who like to have a lot of options when going out to eat.


Is Isla Holbox Safe At Night?

Holbox is considered a safe destination for tourists due to its low crime rate and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great place for families, couples and even solo travelers, as you won’t have to worry about pickpocketing and mugging while you are at the island. You just need to make sure that you enjoy and make the most out of your visit.

Even though crime is a rare sight in Holbox, it’s always important to take the precautions you would take when traveling to any other part of the world, such as avoiding walking alone in isolated areas, exhibiting flashy items and carrying large amounts of cash. 

Many travel guides say that you should take as much cash as possible with you when traveling to Holbox since it may be hard to get cash from the island’s ATMs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can get Mexican pesos and USD from nearly every ATM in the island, so you don’t have to worry about carrying all your cash with you at all times.

Whether you rather have an adventurous trip and get to know all the wildlife that lives near the island, or relax at the beach all day and explore what the island has to offer at night, there are great experiences to be enjoyed by everyone when visiting Holbox Mexico.

Don’t miss out on the experience of visiting this wonderful island. Book a stay at Ser Casasandra to experience everything Holbox has to offer.

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